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Benefits Of Black And White Cards For Infants

We are so used to decorating our baby’s Montessori room or play area with bright colors like red and yellow. You may even decorate their nursery with pink or blue, depending on your child’s gender.

These colors do very little for newborns since they are still developing their sense of sight. One thing parents overlook are activities that help develop your child’s vision. Newborn black and white cards have so many benefits in your child’s development.

  • Cognitive development. Babies can recognize and engage with simple black and white images. As babies interact with black and white contrast cards, they process a lot of information and get the opportunity to think, explore, and learn.
  • Visual development. Newborns can focus on objects placed at a maximum distance of about 8-11 inches away from them. Since your newborn baby has limited color perception, using high contrast black and white cards will help them develop their vision and teach their eye muscles to coordinate with their brain.
  • Attention span. Babies cannot focus on objects for a long time. As their vision develops, they’ll be able to look at objects for a minute or two. Since babies are able to interpret black and white images better, they will begin to engage with these images for longer periods of time. 
  • Stimulate the optic nerve. The optic nerve carries messages from the retina to the brain to create visual images. Placing black and white contrast cards and moving them slowly side to side stimulates a newborn’s optic nerve.
  • Help with vocabulary. In addition to placing black and white images in front of your baby, you can describe what these objects are: “this is a square, this is a triangle, this is a ball.” As you show these objects to your babies, they will develop their vision, hearing, and vocabulary.


  • 【Enhances Visual & Brain Development】Infants have blurred eyesight in their early months. To stimulate their visual development, our flashcards with high contrast black and white images are ideal for babies up to 36 months old. Incorporating flashcards into their daily routine can make learning fun and develop their memory skills. They also make great gifts and Montessori toys for babies 0-6-12 months old.
  • 【4 Sets for Different Ages】This product includes 4 sets, each with 20 double-sided pieces, for a total of 80 pieces. Set 1 is high-contrast black and white to improve visual attention and focus. Set 2 is black and white with basic colors (red, yellow, blue) to help babies adjust to seeing color. Set 3 is abstract shapes with various colors to stimulate imagination and brain development. Set 4 is concrete objects with various colors to promote understanding of the world around us.
  • 【Safe & High-Quality Construction】Our flashcards are made with odorless and non-toxic materials, and printed on thick, durable boards measuring 6” x 6”. The matte film coating on the outer layer is waterproof and easy to clean, while preventing glare and protecting baby’s eyes. The high-contrast images feature bright, cheerful colors to stimulate and improve a baby’s concentration and observational skills.
  • 【How to Use】Hold the card about 12-16 inches away from the baby and move it slowly to attract their attention. Once the baby gazes at the card for 5-6 seconds, switch to the next card. We recommend using 5-10 cards at a time, up to 5 times a day, and for no more than 15 minutes in total. If the baby becomes restless, stop the activity and introduce a new theme during the next session.
  • 【Worry-Free After-Sale Service】Flashcards are a fun and engaging way for babies to explore and learn about their new world. Using them provides an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their little ones and strengthen the parent-child bond. These flashcards make a great gift for newborns. If you encounter any issues with our early learning flashcards, please let us know, and we will work to provide a satisfactory solution.

AGE; 0 to 24 month

Dimensions14 × 1 × 14 cm

0-3 month, 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 12-36 month

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