Educational Alphabet/Fruits/Colors/Body Prints/ Shapes/ Animals Flash Cards For Kids

Material: plastic, copper cardboard
Size: 10cm x 8cm x 2.5cm
A1: alphabet —— 27 sheets/set — 71g
A2: body parts — 20 sheets/set — 55g
A3: shape ———- 20 sheets/set — 55g
A4: fruit ———— 20 sheets/set — 55g
A5: colour ——— 20 sheets/set — 55g
A6: numeric —— 30 sheets/set — 71g

Features & details:
1. Made of high-quality and durable card paper, three-layer compression technology, waterproof, tear-resistant, can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, double-sided color printing, not easy to fade.
2. Through the recognition and memory of letters, numbers, graphics, colors and animals, it provides children of different ages with the most effective and interesting learning tools.
3. The patterns of the flashcards for toddlers are printed with high-quality inks, which are safe and tasteless, with clear fonts and eye-catching colors, which can be easily seen.
4. Early education learning cards can help children develop hand-eye coordination, color recognition, fine motor skills, visual perception, etc., and help promote curiosity and interest in exploring the world.
5. There are 27 learning cards in a set, and an upgraded PP activity ring is included, which is convenient for storage and organization. The rounded corners of the card will not harm your child’s skin.



alphabet, colors, body parts, fruits, shapes, animals, numbers, addition, division, multiplication

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